Get free Bitcoins for completing tasks!

You can also gain Bitcoins from sites that will actually pay you in Bitcoins in return for your completion of a small task e.g. visiting websites, watching videos, surveys, answering questions, judging pictures etc. This can be quite profitable when you use several different sites at the same time. Below I will share several of these sites:

  • BitcoinGet. – – This is my personal favourite site to earn Bitcoins on. The reason for this is that it seems to pay the most, for the least amount of work and is also a well set out and easy to use site. There are several ways to work on this site, the easiest being watching videos. That’s right, watching videos. Watch a short (usually 0.50 – 5 minute) video on  the site, then enter your address and captcha to be credited with your free Bitcoins. This is also one of the fastest to pay out.
  • VideoCoins. – – This site allows you to make Bitcoins for small tasks as with the site above, with the exeption that it only contains videos. Watch a short video then enter an your Bitcoin address and solve a captcha to receive your reward.
  • Bitcoin Street Faucet. – – This one doesn’t require any work on your part, you only have to prove that you are a human being and not a bot by entering your mobile number and solving a captcha. You will then receive your one off reward.
  • Bit Visitor.  – – Another one of my personal favourites, this one allows you to earn Bitcoins by simply looking at a webpage. You don’t even need to actually look at the webpage, as long as its open in your browser the timer will count from 3 minutes down to 0 at which point you will enter your Bitcoin address, and receive your reward then its onto the next site.
  • Free Digital Money. – – This is a great site allowing you to work on small tasks for Bitcoins in a variety of different ways. From surveys and ads, to trial subscriptions and more. This seems to be the site with the most variety in the different tasks presented.


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